Syrian Toy Story

War is a game orchestrated by the few elite, and its impact affects the mass. It's been more than 6 years that Syria has been torn apart by a ravaged war which displaced millions of people.

One of its main victims is the children who are raised under these severe circumstances. Normally, a child's playroom would be full with hundreds of gadgets and digital devices. Yet it is not enough to feed their demand.

Nabil Muradagha and I tried to illustrate the Syrian kids' story. We reflected a harsh reality where their playroom is the battlefield, and where explosive barrels, rockets, bullets, grenades, tanks became the ordinary sceneries of their daily life. 

Despite their harsh conditions, we put a smile on their faces to show that no matter what, the new Syrian generation will be able to bring back hope to this torn country and rebuild it again. 

Concept & Art Direction: Omar Reda @omarreda
Illustration: Nabil Muradagha @nabilmuradaga

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